Hyderabadi caterers

Hyderabadi caterers and hyderabad caterers. Answer is Vengalas caterers. Vengalas caterers’ website is refer as Hyderabad with price list and best caterers in Hyderabad. Business catering, catering services are provided by us. We provide the best fresh food that’s why people call us We have wide range of veg menu list and non veg menu list. We have ready-made menus we us you can find them in Menus option on top.
Vengalas caterers have enough experience to handle your orders. We established in 2006, Hyderabadi caterers We started as a curry-point in Begumpet. We  experienced  in serving  catering to corporate offices, Birthday party catering, hyderabadi caterers Wedding catering services, outdoor catering services.Our catering services near to Kukatpally to Miyapur. Hyderabad.
                                       We have wide ranged six different types of menus. Three of them are veg menu list and another three of them are non-veg menu list. We are catering service in kukatpally. Business catering services is also provided, hyderabadi caterers we have sound experience in catering corporate companies. We have customized menu for corporate companies. Our website resembles with price list.
You can order menu for weddings, Hyderabadi caterers get-together from our options of dishes in Menu option. We have special pure veg for Brahman caterers in Hyderabad, In veg services option. And very good non veg dishes for non- veg orders, In our non-veg services option.you can order in our contact us page. Hyderabad caterers, And we have separate Brahmin cooks in Hyderabad for Hyderabad caterers pure veg catering services in Hyderabad. Catering service, we rare in Hyderabad caterers list. Hyderabad caterers We even eligible for calling as best non veg caterers in Hyderabad.
                                 Our veg and non-veg menus in the website are having price list added to it. The price list will change according to food items you add or remove. You can see out works in gallery and contact us through contact us page. You can find us by typing Veg catering services near me or caterers near me. We cook pure veg orders with special Brahmin cooks in Hyderabad. Hyderabad caterers We will be among the top Hyderabad caterers list. We can find in menus list like non veg caterers in Hyderabad with price list.

              You can see our images and video of done orders in our gallery option. Hyderabad caterers  We served our services to corporate offices, On annual bases. We make our best effects in quality of services, Hyderabad caterers We uses our fresh products to make delicious dishes. we make our utmost precaution to deliver our best services. We have very good cook with very good experience in cooking delicious food for giving awesome experience to our costumers. Hyderabad caterers, we handle all order like wedding, get- together, Birthday parties, reception. We maintain good quality in our orders. We have experienced cooks to cook delicious. We have 14 years of experiences in this field. Very good managers to handle your order. Hyderabad caterers

Cuisine we provide:

  1. South Indian cuisine
  2. North Indian cuisine
  3. Chinese cuisine
  4. continental cuisine

Menu we provide:

  1. Breakfast menu – 80
  2. Drink and snacks menu – 120
  3. Standard veg menu with price of – 270
  4. Regular veg menu with price of – 210
  5. Regular non-veg menu with price – 290
  6. Standard non- veg menu with price of – 330

Events we handle:

  1.  Weddings
  2. Engagements
  3. Formal Dinners
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Birthday Party
  6. Theme Parties
  7. Box Lunches
  8. Corporate
  9. Parties

You can find the classified on top of this page. There are classified in to three types Menu option is for menu combined veg and non veg u can choose according to your event and requirement. According to your type and order your menu to our WhatsApp number. veg services option is for pure veg orders. Veg menu are given in this option for housewarming Ceremony and any other event according to customer requirement and our non-veg option is for non veg orders for any of customer requirement in gallery options u can see our how we completed our orders photos. our catering services is near to  Hyderabad and Secunderabad . you can order your requirement and event date event and menu to our WhatsApp. 

Customize our pre-defined diverse menus and pay according to your selected items or download our mobile app